So, as promised, I’m going to be giving away an extra paw ring! When I first gave her the ring, I didn’t think she’d even like it so I never thought to buy another one for myself. However, when she was first seen out with it, I rushed to the place that I bought it from and got a few more. One to wear and another just in case the one I had broke. It turns out that I very rarely even wear the ring just because I don’t want to lose it and because I actually kind of hate wearing rings. So, that’s when I thought to giveaway this extra one because I know how many fans want them!

About the ring:

  • It’s a size 7/8. I wear it on my ring finger and it fits comfortably (doesn’t slide off or anything).
  • It’s brass.
  • I will ship it to you in its original packaging just to guarantee its safety and if you would like to return it for whatever reason.

Here’s how you win:

  • Reblog this post!

That’s it. Reblog it as many times as you’d like. You don’t have to follow me or anything, but only reblogs count. Today is July 3rd and you have one week to reblog it as many times as your little hearts desire :) 

On July 10th, I will pick 10 people randomly from the selection that have reblogged this post. My friend will be with me and she’s going to pick the finalists (just so you guys will know it was fair and I didn’t choose favorites or people I know). After that, I’ll post the 10 finalists so they know who they are and then on July 11th I’ll pick the final winner. Head back to my blog at some point on the 10th to see if you’re a finalist. I’ll tag you in the post as well.

Disclaimer: I can only ship to the US. Just kidding, fuck that. I’ll ship anywhere ‘cause I’m nice.

I’m really excited to do this :) Feel free to message me with any questions. Good luck to all of you!

4 (technically 3 I guess since it’s midnight) more days until I pick the 10 finalists! 

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